The Standards

1. Helluva Hefe

OG 12.5 | IBU 11 | SRM 4 | ABV 4.9% | Cal. 215
Our Hefeweizen is a pale, yellow, light-bodied American wheat ale.

2. Saison

OG 13.5 | IBU 8 | SRM 8 | ABV 5.4% | Cal. 235
This Belgian is golden in fl avor and in color and has bright notes of coriander and orange peel that set it off.

3. Helluva Honey

OG 12.6 | IBU 11 | SRM 7 | ABV 5% | Cal. 220
Our Honey Red and Helluva Hefe have joined forces and created this truly unique brew.

4. Snake Light

OG 8 | IBU 20 | SRM 2 | ABV 3.2% | Cal. 140
An ale version of the classic light pilsner.Our offering of this timeless beeris a crowd pleaser

5. Screaming Eagle IPA

OG 16.3 | IBU 64 | SRM 6 | ABV 7.1% | Cal. 285
Hop fans look no further because aromaand intense fl avors are kings here.

6. Honey Red

OG 12.5 | IBU 10 | SRM 12 | ABV 5.2% | Cal. 220
This deep red offering is full-bodied and boasts a dollop of malt flavor

7. Americans Amber

OG 13 | IBU 26 | SRM 18 | ABV 5.3% | Cal. 220
A great beer that's not too dark or too lightand gets better with every sip

8. Hickory Smoked Porter

OG 13 | IBU 22 | SRM 29 | ABV 5.4% | Cal. 245
A dark and robust porter that's made with our own hickory-smoked malt.

9. Cascadian Dark IPA

OG 17.4 | IBU 60 | SRM 28 | ABV 6.8% | Cal. 290
This beer is bold and intense like the mountains she's named after. It really is darkness...the good kind

10. Seasonal Craft Brew

OG ?? | IBU ?? | SRM ?? | ABV ?? | Cal. ??
Ask server for details

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The Water

Water is the majority in any beer, ours come from the Columbia river, pictured here from our dock,

The Water

Ingredients: Barley

Barley is the primary grain used in brewing. But wait! There's more...

Ingredients: Barley

Ingredients: Grain (cont)

The grain must be malted before it is used. Malting consists of: soaking sprouts form, then drying and cooking until the proper color is achieved.

Ingredients: Grain (cont)

Ingredients: Grain (cont)

The grains color and flavor determine a great deal of the beers finished flavor, color, and mouthfeel.

Ingredients: Grain (cont)

Ingredients: Hops

Hops offer a bitter balance to the malts sweetness. They are used for their bitter resins as well as their essential oils.

Ingredients: Hops

Ingredients: Hops (cont)

Before use, the hops are dried and (usually) pelleted for storage and ease of use.

Ingredients: Hops (cont)

Ingredients: Yeast

The yeast make it all happen. They eat sugar from the malted grain, and produce alcohol (yippie!), and CO2 (burp). How was this guy not the best man at my wedding?

Ingredients: Yeast

Milling the Malt

The malted grain must be broken to get at the delicious starchy middle.

Milling the Malt

Mashing In

Once milled, the grain is manhandled into the brewery to start the brewing process.

Mashing In

The Mash

The malt is mixed with hot water and allowed to rest. It is here that the starches in the grain are converted into usable sugars.

The Mash

The Lauter

The sugary liquid, now called 'wort' (pronounced wert) is drained off and moved to the kettle.

The Lauter

The Boil

During the boil is when the hops are added. The hops can be added for bitterness, flavor or aroma.

The Boil

The Fermentation

The wort is then cooled, pitched with yeast, and moved to a tank for its two week fermentation and conditioning. It may now be called beer.

The Fermentation

The Big Finish

Tasty beverage achieved! Enjoy!

The Big Finish



This is a measure of the thickness of the beer before it is fermented, measured here in degrees Plato (P).

  • OG(P) x 17.5 is roughly equal to the calories in a 16oz pint
  • OG(P) x 2 is roughly equal to the grams of carbs in a 16oz pint
  • OG(P) / 2.3 is roughly equal to the alcohol content (ABV)


This is a measure of the bitterness of the beer. More precisely, it is the ppm of iso-alpha acid dissolved in the beer from the hops during the boil.

A hint about the overall flavor of a beer can be obtained by comparing the OG to the IBU. For example, beer with a higher OG/IBU ratio (the Stout 13.5/20) will have a sweeter flavor than a beer with a lower one (the Light 8.0/20) even though the IBUs are the same.


This is a measure of the color of the beer. The color can also give hints as to the flavor of the beer. Amber colors suggest sweet/grainy/caramel flavors, dark brown to black colors will generally have roasted/coffee/chocolate/burnt flavors.

  • 0 - 4 SRM pale yellow
  • 5 - 7 SRM copper to light amber
  • 7 - 12 SRM mid amber/red
  • 12 - 17 SRM deep amber/brown
  • 18 - 25 SRM dark brown to black
  • 25 + black


The percent of the beer by volume that is alcohol. AKA the "party" percentage.